Type : Turf

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  • Material upper: MicroFiber, Codura
  • Material Lining: On Steam
  • Model type: Turf Sneaker
  • Available closure: Lace, Velcro
  • Material sole: PU (Striker)
  • Material bottom sole: Turf (rubber)

Product Details

The MyFoot turf sneaker, is an athletic shoe specifically designed for use on artificial turf surfaces. The turf sneaker features a unique rubber sole pattern that provides enhanced traction and grip on artificial grass, turf, or synthetic playing surfaces.

The upper is made of durable leather-look microfiber combined with strong woven cordura, ensuring breathability. It is lined with a moisture-absorbing 'on steam' lining.

Unlike traditional cleats or studs used on natural grass fields, turf sneakers have shorter rubber studs on the sole. These studs are designed to evenly distribute the player's weight and provide stability while preventing excessive damage to the turf. The sole design of our turf sneakers allows for quick multidirectional movements, making them suitable for sports that require agility and swift changes in direction.

The MyFoot turf sneaker is suitable for sports such as:

  • Soccer
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Tennis
  • Field hockey
  • Golf

Model available in velcro and or with black outsole.


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