MyFoot® Vegan leather

Do you want the best boots and sneakers which not only look fantastic but which also match your ideals? We now also have our own vegan product line. Free from animal products, such as leather, suede or nubuck. Even the glue and soles are completely free from animal materials.

Why vegan orthopaedic shoes?
Our vegan product line offers a fair trade, animal-friendly alternative for the traditional products in the orthopaedic market. Ideal for veganists or for anyone looking for a suitable alternative for leather shoes.

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You can recognize vegan shoes by this icon.

The vegan shoes are manufactured using a material developed on the basis of microfibres. This ensures that the vegan ‘leather’ shares many of the properties of traditional leather. Our vegan material has a special thickness which ensures that the shoes stay in shape and are suitable for intensive use throughout their wearing period.

Same comfort
On the outside, these are simply boots and sneakers, but nothing could be further from the truth. We use special materials for our vegan collection, so that the best properties of our leather shoes also apply to our vegan shoes. Think in terms of the material that helps absorb moisture for example, to keep your feet dry.

Sustainably produced
Our orthopaedic shoes, including the vegan collection, are sustainably produced. With attention for people, animals and the planet. Our shoes are produced locally in a factory in Portugal, under excellent working conditions.

We only produce our shoes to order, thus wasting little to no materials.

Maintaining your vegan orthopaedic shoes
Vegan shoes can be easily maintained by cleaning them with warm water and a soft cloth. The ‘leather’ cannot dry out and the shoes therefore do not require the use of shoe polish. Moreover, the vegan material has good water-resistant properties.

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