MyFoot® Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

My Foot® stands for continuous improvement. We aim for the highest possible standards, not only in our products, but also in social and environmental performance and accountability.

All our shoes are made to order only. We do not produce more than what is needed. No energy is wasted on products that end up collecting dust in a warehouse. With every ounce of material, every scrap of leather we manage to save in our production, we reduce unnecessary waste and truly optimize the use of materials and energy. We even buy up stock of good-quality unused leather and shoe components from local manufacturers and wholesalers, to prevent perfectly good resources from going to waste.

As our products are shipped worldwide, it is important that all goods are packed properly. So, we have to use packaging materials – there is no other choice. But, in order to contribute to the preservation of forests and trees for generations to come, we decided to only use cardboard boxes and wrappings made from recycled paper.

Making the effort to become more sustainable, committing to choices that minimize our impact on environmental and climate conditions also applies to our company, to the facilities we work in. For example, we installed skylights over the entire length of our factory roof, not only to create a more agreeable workplace with natural light, but also for the purpose of minimizing the use of artificial lighting, thus reducing the consumption of electric energy.

The large roof area of our factory offers opportunities when it comes to generating solar energy. That is why we recently installed solar panels on the roof. 428 solar panels, with which we generate more than 49% of our own electricity. In this way we also contribute to reducing our CO2 emissions.

Currently My Foot® is exploring the possibilities of creating a Vegan line. Using a variety of synthetic and natural materials, we are experimenting with the production of Modular Orthopaedic footwear completely free of animal skins and furs. In the end, it will hopefully allow us to offer a fair-trade, animal-friendly alternative for the traditional products in the orthopaedic market, giving customers who identify with this philosophy the choice of integrity.

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