MyFoot® Belts

Each MyFoot shoe has a matching belt. The belts are made from the same material and in the same colour as the shoes. 

Our belts are manufactured from luxury materials, such as nappa and printed leather. The belts can be made from any of the materials in the range, including the Maas range. On the order form, please inform us which type of leather (from the shoe) you would like for your belt.

Here are a number of our examples:


Ladies belts
Give your outfit that finishing touch with a matching belt. Belts can be worn with skirts, trousers, dresses and jumpsuits. Besides trouser belts, you can also create an even more slender waist using a waist belt. Choose a belt in the colour of your shoes, or perhaps you’d prefer a contrasting colour? All belts can quite simply be made to your own size.


Gents belts
Belts are often a must-have for men and they deserve the same attention as attractive shoes. Our belts are therefore made from the same material as your shoes. Whether you’re opting for a classical dress shoe, or you prefer a more casual style. A matching belt is the finishing touch for your outfit.

Three colours of buckles are available: silver, oxidado and gold. A sturdy square version for the gents. A softer round version for the ladies.

The correct size
Just like shoes, it is important that you order the right size belt. According to etiquette, your belt is always worn in the third hole. All our belts are offered in a single size, which you can very simply shorten to fit your required size.

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