House shoe high


Type : House shoe women high

Collections : House shoes,  

  • Material upper: Felt, Leather
  • Material Lining: Felt
  • Model type: High house shoe
  • Available closure: Velcro, Zipper
  • Material sole: PU
  • Material bottom sole: Eva

Product Details

If you’re looking for a comfortable house shoe, then this is the ideal solution for you. The design gives us the opportunity to adapt the house shoe according to our modular system, this way the fitting can be adjusted specifically to your foot. The upper consists out of a thick soft felt with reinforcements that are covered with leather. This allows us to individually adjust the firmness, while maintaining that soft and comfortable feel.

These house shoes offers you a lot of walking comfort due to the combination of our proven midsole and a lightweight bottom sole. It is also possible to apply a sole rise and give the sole a specific walker. The handy 'Butterfly' velcro closure can easily be well adjusted to the shape of your foot. The zipper makes stepping in and out of the sandal super easy. And did you know that these house shoes are also machine washable up to max. 60 C֯?

In short, a house shoe that offers everything you need for comfort and cosiness at home!


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