Type : Golf

Collections : Men,  

    • Material upper: Leather & Microfiber
    • Material Lining: Calf Leather
    • Model type: Sneaker Golf
    • Available closure: Lace, Velcro
    • Material sole: PU
    • Material bottom sole: Rubber Golf profile

Product Details

The Golf Sneaker is made with a combination of microfiber and leather.  Giving you weather protection and durability combined with comfort.  The calf lining and soft padding provide the cushion and stability you need to drive the ball further off the tee!

Our golf sole has been developed in collaboration with golf professionals. It offers loads of traction to keep you comfortable and grounded in different terrains. This allows you to feel balanced before, during and after your swing. The spikeless shoes making it easy to go from the course to the clubhouse.

The sole consists out of specially developed flat head piramides. Thes flat-heads prevent the shoe from sinking too deep whilst walking on the fairway. Where cross pyramide offers the required grip when making a swing. The bottom sole is made out of rubber making it last for miles to come!

Model available in velcro and or with black outsole.


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