Type : Hillary

Collections : Frauen,  

  • Material upper: Nappa & Stretch Leather
  • Material Lining: Calf Leather
  • Model type: Sneaker
  • Available closure: Lace, Velcro
  • Material sole: Eva
  • Material bottom sole: Eva

Product Details

The Hillary is a very comfortable shoe, partially made from special stretch leather, which gives it a unique (custom) fit. This stretch leather is applied on the shoe’s side panels, where it helps to reduce pressure on the hallux or the foot itself. The upper is made from high-quality suede leather combined with nappa and decorative embossed leather. Tongue and polster are padded with soft foam to give a comfortable feel. For the lining, a combination of calf leather and soft spacer fabric is used. Both materials help to absorb moisture and have high breathability. The Hillary is also ideal for diabetes patients when made with special diabetic lining. This sneaker offers enough space to accommodate your custom inlay or footbed. The sole is made from lightweight Eva and has an Eva bottom sole. This shoe is all about functional fashion!

Model available in velcro and or with black outsole.


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