Type : Mette

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  • Material upper: Nubuk Leather & Printed leather
  • Material Lining: Calf Leather
  • Model type: Sneaker
  • Available closure: Lace, Velcro
  • Material sole: Lightweight Pu
  • Material bottom sole: Astro-lite

Product Details

The Mette is made from high-quality materials. This sneaker has a great (custom) fit while maintaining a fashionable look. The upper is made from high-quality nubuck leather, with stylish accents. Double zippers give this shoe a large opening, making it easy to step into. Tongue and polster are padded with soft foam to give a comfortable feel. For the lining, calf leather is used in the whole sneaker. Calf leather helps to absorb moisture, has high breathability and is resilient to friction without losing its soft feel. The Mette sneaker offers enough space to accommodate your custom inlay or footbed. The sole is made from lightweight PU material and can be combined with a lightweight Astro-lite bottom sole or a robust rubber bottom sole.

Model available in velcro and or with black outsole.


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