My Foot is known for being able to help people with a well-fitting shoe.

Our philosophy is that regardless of the problems or complaints that person is struggling with, everyone has the right to a pair of shoes that look beautiful and fit perfectly!

We wanted to introduce My Foot to a wider audience, so we decided to participate in the OST fair in Köln on 14th & 15th of October 2022.

My Foot is also very committed to corporate social responsibility and this vision is also reflected in the design of our stand, with a display, columns and a bar made from recycled cardboard. In combination with 2 colorful banners, this resulted in a simple and stylish stand, in which our products were prominently displayed.

With our permanent sales team (Rogier & Niels), assisted by our charming production manager Marta, we were able to make many contacts during these days and get to know new people, from within Europe, but also beyond.

The fair was also the ideal place to launch some novelties in addition to our existing modular collection for women and men. For example, the collection was recently expanded with a unisex walking shoe and there was already a sneak preview of the upcoming diabetic collection for the exhibition visitors.

In short, for a first fair it was more than successful.


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